Why Bamboo Flooring Australia?


Bamboo is a high-performance flooring product, but only if it is well-made by an experienced manufacturer using quality raw material, adhesives, and milling equipment.

Just like hardwood floors, there are many different considerations when purchasing your floors. The first thing to understand is that not all bamboo is considered equal. For instance, some less scrupulous bamboo companies will use the stalks of the plant that isn't fully matured. The result is a lower quality product - the less mature the wood, the more likely it will dent and chip.

Always ensure that you are dealing with a reputable retailer and ask them about Bamboo Flooring Australia’s quality flooring range.

Raw Materials

Our mill uses only top-quality mature stalks, and then painstakingly processes the bamboo with methods proven through years of research and experience. Careful quality control throughout ensures optimum quality.


Bamboo Flooring Australia uses only European made adhesives. Our bamboo flooring range is made with a low VOC adhesive that easily meets the strict European E1 standard for indoor air quality.


Bamboo Flooring Australia’s product range comes from just one mill with state-of-the-art machinery.

Look at the end of a cut sample of horizontal grain bamboo. With most brands, you will see small splits or gaps between the individual strips of bamboo that have either been filled with adhesive or left as is. Some of the individual strips are not cut into perfect rectangles.

With our flooring, all of the strips are cut perfectly and laminated tightly together, ensuring maximum adhesion and minimum opportunity for movement and delaminating. We adhere to the following milling tolerances: width +/- 0.1mm, length +/- 1mm, thickness +/- 0.1mm.


Our flooring is dried down to 10% moisture content, making it more stable and suitable for a wide range of climates.

Most Bamboo flooring mills dry their material to 13-15% moisture content. At that level the flooring can be unreliable for use in dry climates and areas with significant seasonal humidity fluctuations.


Bamboo Flooring Australia pre-finished bamboo flooring uses a high-tech aluminum oxide enhanced acrylated urethane system with a hardened acrylic anti-scratch topcoat. In abrasion tests, this system meets or exceeds test results from industry leading aluminum oxide enhanced polyurethane finishes, and it outperforms them in scratch-resistance tests. We have Bonax, Treffert and Klumpp.
You can choose the coating which you trust.