Like any natural wood flooring, bamboo has to be taken care of:

  • Use an electro static broom daily to remove dust and grit.
  • Clean using a slightly damp mop with warm water and methylated spirits (Approximately 1 cap full in a bucket of water). Flooring should not be soaked with water. If exposed to large amounts of water, dry it immediately and open the window to let the fresh air in. Use a commercial dryer if necessary.
  • You may use undiluted methylated spirits on a rag or sponge to spot clean.
  • Use a protective cloth/padding on the feet of heavy items such as furniture. Heavy items must not be dragged across the floor.  
  • Place mats at door ways to trap dirt and grit.
  • Avoid allowing degrading materials such as sand and shoe nails reaching the floor.
  • Move rugs regularly to keep consistency. Although treated with UV protection, bamboo is a natural product and there may be a slight colour change in different environments.


  • DO NOT use chemicals, household cleaners, soaps or wax. These will dull your floor and make it hard to refinish.
  • DO NOT use a steam mop.
  • DO NOT drag any sharp objects across the floor.
  • DO NOT walk in shoes that have nails in the soles or heals.
  • DO NOT allow dust and grit to build up.